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Donatello Bed and Breakfast in Florence

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Sito: Donatello Bed and Breakfast in Florence

For all the couples that request this kind of treatment I will prepare your bedroom with a special touch, a bottle of cold italian Spumante and a bouquet of red roses just to spice it up.

Our rooms are all well equiped and we had a special touch with a lovely contemporary fine art. The owner Simone Biliotti, lover of contemporary art, houses paintings by contemporary artists as a gallery of art, in his site you can see photos of a paintings that houses at this time.

Simone have a real passion for Florence a wonderful city for tourists that offering many attractions, and you'll find that I know a lot about the place and love to share my secrets with my guests.

Donatello Bed and Breakfast is the perfect choice for you! It's one of the best guest houses in the city, and offers something special at the right price!

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